Workflows Using Templates

A workflow is a logical sequence of basic building blocks called nodes. A template is a workflow blueprint made by TotalCloud. It can either be deployed directly or customised by you in The Editor.

  1. Login to the TotalCloud WebApp

2. Ensure that your AWS credentials have been validated.

If not, you can use a Role or Key to do so

3. After logging in, click on Templates. This shows the list of published templates.

4. Search for the desired workflow, and select the checkbox on the left.

5. Click Adopt Selected.

  • Adopt Directly is used to deploy the workflow without making any changes.

  • Customise is used to make changes to the workflow before deploying or running.

Adopt Directly

  1. You will be asked to select the account to be used and the region to deploy the workflow in. You will receive a Validation Successful message (If not, ensure your policies are validated). Click Proceed to deploy the workflow.

2. The workflow can now be seen under the Deployed category in the Workflows page.


  1. Choosing Customise will open the workflow in the Editor, allowing you to make changes to it.

2. After making changes, you can choose to Save, Run or Deploy the workflow. More on those here.