Using Variables

Variables allow you to use the workflow in a versatile manner, by using or overriding the values used throughout, from a single place

Declaring Variables

  1. Open the Variables modal

  2. Add/edit the variables present there, by clicking the squares on the left, and choosing to append/duplicate

3. Add all the required variables, and click Save

Using Variables

  1. In any parameter that is used in the workflow, follow the syntax $wf.variables.<variable_name>

  2. The variables will also show in the drop-down generated

Overwriting Variable Data

  1. When variable data that is passed through the Trigger Node has the same key as the variables that are declared, you can choose to override it

  2. This can be done by opening the Trigger Node, enabling the HTTP trigger, and choosing to override the Global Variables

Choose the Jira Transformer Logic, in the Trigger Node, to parse the data from a Jira ticket