Finding Errors In The Custom Node

The Custom Node allows you to modify the output of the previous node into different formats. This doc is about how to find the errors in the given inside the node.

The method is the same to find errors when using custom filters in the Filter Node

Finding The Error In The Code

Open the Custom Node of the workflow being used. This opens up the code being used within the node.

Custom Node being used
  1. The Custom Node being used above has an error, because the element collection[i] does not exist

  2. Run the workflow, and open the output of the Custom Node:

3. Opening the output of the node (by clicking on the node result as shown above), shows us the execution details of the Node:


Viewing Code Output

  1. To view the output of the code, we can access the logs that show the execution of the workflow

  2. Open the workflow being used

  3. Edit the Custom Node to print some output. Here we have added the lines print ("The Output is:") and print(collection)

4. Run the workflow, by clicking the button in the top bar (next to deploy). View the output of the Custom Node by clicking on the node output:

4. Click on "Logs" to view the the workflow logs

5. The output and workflow logs will then be downloaded. Opening the file shows us the output that we had intended to print: