Downgrade Schedule Template

I’ll give a quick rundown on how you can set up the downgrade feature. The template will be already available to you so most of your work is already cut down by a lot. All you really have to do is specify what you need and when you need it. This specific example seeks to downgrade our existing t2.micro machine to t2.nano during a specific period.

Step 1

Choose ‘EC2 Instance Downgrade’ from the list of templates available

Step 2

Set your timezone and scheduling period. This will be where you determine when you want to downgrade/upgrade your instances.

Step 3

Select the AWS service. In this case, we’re strictly focusing on EC2 modification so the template would have already assigned EC2 instance for you.

Step 4

Filter the instance you wish to modify.

You can filter by various metrics like a key-value parameter or tags. Below example will focus on tags.

Step 5

You will be assigned with three parking actions. The first one is to stop the existing instance. The second is to load up the downgraded/upgrade instance you need by modifying your existing one. The third one is to start said instance.

You have to specify which instance you need to modify to. This is done in the second parking action, ‘EC2 Modify Instance Attribute’. Click on edit and then on ‘instance type’.

We’ll be downgrading t2.nano to t2.micro.

Step 6

Choose the unparking action. The unparking action determines what to occur after the scheduled period is over. The pre-determined actions are similar to the parking action. Since you will be reverting back to your previous instance, modify the instance type from t2.micro to your earlier t2.nano.