Deploy Kubernetes Cluster

This is a step-by-step rundown on how you can use TotalCloud to create an EKS Cluster.

Step 1: Creating a VPC for EKS

Give your VPC a name and a CIDR block of Action Node:

  • EC2 Create VPC

Step 2: Create 2 Subnets

The subnet is a way for us to group our resources within the VPC with their IP range. A subnet can be public or private. For our setup, we shall be creating the following subnets with the corresponding IP ranges.

  • demo-public-subnet-1 | CIDR (

  • demo-public-subnet-2 | CIDR (

Action Nodes:

  • EC2 Create Subnetx2

Step 2: Setup the Internet Gateway

The Internet Gateway allows communication between the EC2 instances in the VPC and the internet. Action Node:

  • EC2 Create Internet Gateway

Step 3: Attach the VPC to the Internet Gateway

Action Nodes:

  • EC2 Attach Internet Gateway

Step 4:Create Two Route Tables

The route tables are a set of rules that dictates the movement of data within the network. For our architecture, we create two route tables, one private and one public.

The public route table will define which subnets that will have direct access to the internet while the private route table will define which subnet goes through the NAT gateway.

Action Nodes:

  • EC2 Create Route Table

  • EC2 Create Route

  • EC2 Create Associate Route Tablex2

Step 5: Create EKS Cluster

Set roles 1 and 2 as your eksClusterRole.

Set up a node with service as EKS and action as ‘create cluster’. Attach the two subnets created earlier.

Action Nodes:

  • EKS Create Cluster