Workflow Trigger Node

In some cases, you may want one workflow (or a point in the workflow) to trigger a secondary workflow; it could be that both workflows are part of a single-use case, or their execution is linked. The Workflow Trigger node triggers a second workflow from the first one when the execution reaches that point in the workflow.

To add a Workflow Trigger node, click on the ‘+’ and select ‘Workflow Trigger’. Click on the node and select ‘edit’ to open the parameters options for the nodes.

If you want to pass specific node data onto the next workflow, you can choose a Node ID in ‘select a resource’

‘Select an existing workflow’ will enable you to choose any workflow that exists in your account, to be triggered by the node.

Selecting the checkbox ‘Wait for workflow to complete execution’ will ensure that the second workflow is triggered only after the first workflow is completely executed.

Selecting the checkbox ‘Trigger workflow only on data’ works in conjunction with the resource you’ve selected in the first drop-down. This option will ensure your next workflow will trigger only if there is some data coming in from the resource/node you’ve selected earlier.