User Approval Node

What is a User Approval Node?

In case of an organizational obligation to acquire approval from a stakeholder, this node ensures just that by requesting approval through Slack or Email, as set up.

It’s usually set up prior to the action node. When approval is granted, the workflow will automatically detect the command and run the next node accordingly.

To add a User Approval node, click on the ‘+’ and select ‘User Approval’. This usually comes before an Action Node. Click on the node and select ‘edit’ to open the parameters options for the nodes.

If you’ve already added an Action Node, and then want to insert a ‘User Approval’ Node, you can click on the Action Node, select ‘Insert Node Before’, and then select the User Approval Node.

You can select the option of either ‘Slack’ or ‘Email’. If you select ‘Email’, you have to enter the Email ID, and an Optional Message.

When you use this node, an approval email will be sent automatically as per the conditions set by you. Here's how a sample email looks like:

When the stakeholder or the concerned user authorises the task by clicking Approve or Reject from the email, the Workflow will automatically detect the command and run the next node accordingly.

If the stakeholder clicks Reject, the workflow stops execution of the next node

If you select ‘Slack’, you will have to select the ‘Slack config’. This requires you to previously configure your Slack account with your TotalCloud account. You can configure multiple Slack accounts, and choose the relevant one in this available dropdown. See how to configure a Slack account, here.

Note that an approval request expires within 24 hours

The Slack message will look similar to the Email, except come to you as a Slack notification.