Trigger Node

What is a Trigger Node?

This is by default the first node of any workflow which defines ‘when’ to execute the workflow, but the ‘when’ doesn’t have to be defined only by time, because the workflow can be triggered from practically anywhere. The trigger can be time-based, HTTP-based, alarm-based, event-based, or manual. When you go into the ‘workflow editor’, and ‘create a workflow from scratch’, you’ll see a Trigger Node already present on your editor. Click on the node, and select ‘edit’ to open the node settings. Here’s what you see:

Note: Trigger node is always the first node in any workflow and it cannot be deleted.

The Node Name is ‘Trigger’, and the ‘Node ID’ is given below.

You can select 1 of the 5 types of workflow triggers, and set the preferred one to ‘active’. That will activate your desired trigger setting. Learn more about the different types of triggers.