SSH Node

This node enables you to access the Command Line or Terminal of any server. In order to access SSH, you’ll have to configure your SSH account in the ‘Accounts’ section of TotalCloud, using a private key and public key. More on that here.

To add an SSH node, click on the ‘+’ and select ‘SSH’. Click on the node and select ‘edit’ to open the parameters options for the nodes.

‘Select a resource’ that you wish to access, can be “NONE”

‘Select an existing ssh config’ - here you’ll get a list of the ssh accounts you’ve configured with TotalCloudin the ‘Accounts’ section. You can select the relevant one.

‘Hostname’ - Add the public hostname of your resource on the AWS console.

‘SSH port’ - 22, or whatever you define.

‘Command to execute’ refers to the command you wish to be executed on your server. This can be any complex, lengthy command, there are no restrictions on this. Any script can be run on any remote server - AWS, Azure, VM, etc.