Report Node

What is Report Node?

Report node helps you automatically send reports through email. It generates reports in the form of PDFs or CSVs. The Report node executes a secure link to download a report and sends it to your email ID.

Working with Report Node

To define a Report node in a workflow, do the following:

  1. On the Workflows page, click Create New Workflow.

  2. Click Select a workflow template or Create workflow from scratch.

  3. If you create a new workflow:

    • Click on the plus icon

    • Select the 'Report node' from the drop down

    • Click on the 'Edit' option in the Action node to access the parameters input window.

  4. If you select an existing template:

    • Click on the 'Edit' option in the Action node to access the parameters input window.

  5. Enter the required information in the parameters input window.

6. Click on 'Save'

Analogous to the notification node the report node also has the option to send a report only if the data is available


Upon successful execution of this node, an email is sent to the registered email ID with a secure link to download the report.

Here's how a sample email looks like:

Following is a example of a report, when you click on the secure link.


Generate a report encompassing a graph, of the count of volumes in each AZ. To create this graph, you need to set AZ as X-axis and volumes as Y-axis. Note that this is possible if your workflow’s Resource node fetches EC2 Volumes.

You can perform the following types of reporting with the Report node:

  • Passthrough: This sends the report encompassing all the data it receives. Example: Create a list of all EC2 instances belonging to Test Env.

  • Input transformer: This sends the report in a tabular format with data from only the selected columns/keys. Example: Create a table, listing VolumeID, Volume type, and Snapshot IDs of EC2 volumes belonging to N. Virginia region.