Notification Node

What is a Notification Node?

This node helps you automatically send emails to yourself, to specific team(s), or peer(s) to notify a successful execution in a Workflow.

Points to Remember

  1. It is typically used at the end of a workflow to inform about a successful execution of a workflow. However, you can use it between any two nodes if you wish to receive information at the midst of a workflow.

  2. There is an additional feature in the notification node i.e it only sends notification if there is some incoming data from the desired previous node.(its optional)

  3. You can modify the message to send any information about the execution of a workflow.

Working with Notification Nodes

To define a Notification node in a Workflow, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to workflow editor, after starting a new workflow or picking a new template

2. If you start a new workflow:

  • Click on the plus symbol

  • Select 'Notification' from the options below

  • Click on 'Edit' to access the parameters input window

3. If you pick an existing template:

  • Click on 'Edit' to access the parameters input window .

4. Enter the receiver's email and the custom message that needs to be sent automatically

5. Click on 'Save'


Upon successful execution of this node, an email is sent to the email ID(s) with either the default message or custom message entered by you.

Here's how a sample email looks like:

Usage Examples: