Jenkins Node

The Jenkins Node is specifically created to trigger Jenkins build jobs, and integrate it with TotalCloud, or any use case being executed through TotalCloud.

To add a Jenkins node, click on the ‘+’ and select Jenkins. It can be added anywhere in the workflow. Click on the node and select ‘edit’ to open the parameters options for the nodes.

Hostname: URL where Jenkins is hosted (If TotalCloud is deployed on-prem, use a private Jenkins URL)

Username: Jenkins username

API token: API token generated in Jenkins for authentication

Job name: Name of the job on which you want to work

You can enable the checkbox ‘this job is parameterized’ if you want to set parameters for this job. These parameters can be manually entered, or in some cases, if they’re defined in a repo or file in another application, they can be called from a previous HTTP node and that output can be referenced here.