What is an HTTP node?

  • HTTP node can be used to make HTTP(S) calls from a workflow

  • It can be used to integrate with third-party applications such as JIRA, Freshdesk or any others that have an HTTP end point

The parts of the HTTP Node are:


  • Every node in the workflow can use the output of any previous node as its input

  • Choose this from the "Select a resource" drop-down


There methods that correspond to any valid HTTP request are GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.

  • GET is used to fetch data from a resource

  • POST and PUT are for sending data to a server

  • DELETE is used for deleting the resource

For more details on the basics of what they do click here.

Endpoint URL

The endpoint URL is the obtained from the application that you want to access

  • The Header, Body and Basic Auth of the node will update based on the Method and the Endpoint URL

For a usage example click here.