Delay Node

The delay node postpones the execution of a particular fragment of a workflow by some time, which can be entered as per requirement.

Let's understand this with the help of an example


The goal of this workflow is to schedule the launching of the AWS resource every morning automatically.

Nodes Required

  • Trigger node

  • Resource node

  • Action node

  • Delay node

  • Action node

The workflows will finally look like this:

Trigger node

The Trigger node is set from Monday to Friday(weekdays) at 9 every night.

Resource node

In the resource node we choose the desired AWS resource which in our case is EC2 .

Action node

The action node stops the running instances.

Delay node

The delay node here will postpone the starting of the EC2 instances till the next morning.

The input type of a delay node is in seconds

Action node

The action node simply starts the stopped instances the next morning.