TotalCloud Resource Scheduler Vs AWS Instance Scheduler


AWS Instance Scheduler

TotalCloud Resource Scheduler

Ease of Use and Setup

Deploy a complex infrastructure consisting of a CloudFormation template, DynamoDB tables, Lambda functions, CloudWatch metrics and alarms

No complex infrastructure.

Simply select your Resource, Filter and Timings, and you're good to go.

Resource Filters

Tag-based resources selection

Filter resources using tags or any other parameter attached to it

Schedule Dashboard

No overview of schedules and savings

Simple Dashboard for overview of schedules and savings

Real-Time Scheduling

No way to schedule resources in real-time

Smart Scheduling allows you to automatically schedule resources in real-time, when a chosen metric falls below the threshold set by you

Complex & Sequential Schedules

Separate schedules that cannot be clubbed

Use the Link Schedules feature to create sequential actions to solve complex usecases

External Integrations

Trigger actions only using the schedule

Trigger Actions Externally from third-party apps using the HTTP link

Scheduling Recommendations

Specifically choose resources to schedule

Smart Recommendations (coming soon) to provide suggestions on which resources to schedule for maximum savings

Schedulable Resources

  • EC2 Instances

  • RDS DB Instances