Creating A Schedule

Create your own schedule to manage your resources. You can choose from a variety of AWS resources to schedule.

  • Choose Add Schedule from the schedules tab

  • Choose “Create New Schedule”

  • Select account. Enter a name for the schedule and then add the AWS account region and account name.

  • Add the scheduled time and your time zone. You can add multiple schedules to park and unpark in required intervals.

  • Configure the AWS Service. Choose which service will be scheduled.

  • Add filter parameters. Choose the service you are filtering and the method of filter(Key-Value pair, dates, tags, custom functions.

  • Add Parking actions. By default, the “EC2 stop instances” action will be set. You can switch this out for the appropriate parking action. You can also add a second action to chain the parking with another unparking or deployment of another service.

  • Add Unparking actions. Same as above.

  • Smart Scheduling. An optional feature to schedule your resources based on metrics outside of time, such as CPUutilizaion, CPUcreditbalance, statuschecks, etc. Compare if your resource surpasses a set threshold to activate parking/unparking.