Link Fix

Link Fix is an Insights feature that allows you to fix workflows that show “failed” statuses by linking a fix onto it. Your workflow troubleshooting is made much easier by attaching the fix directly instead of changing the settings manually.

How It Works

On the insights page, you can find the list of workflows running and their statuses. The failed workflows have some configuration errors that we can fix by attaching a new workflow.

Click on the “Link Fix” option next to the failed insight.

Now you get the window where you can select and attach the fix.

‘Suggested Fix’ is the one that TotalCloud recommends. If that is not available, you can choose any of the workflows in your account as a fix.

‘Link Fix’ will ensure that the fix runs every time the Insight is refreshed

‘Link And Run Fix’ will ensure that the Fix is linked, and that it runs now

Options also allows you to:

  • Edit an existing fix in the Editor

  • Remove a fix

  • And allow the Fix to auto run - this means that it will run every time an Insight is refreshed (if disabled, you will have to click the Run Fix button manually)

Otherwise, Pick the matching account and region and choose from the relevant workflows. Once selected, click ‘link and run fix’ to see if the status changes.

If there is no workflow related to link then the next option is to create your own fix. You may find the “Create New Fix” option on the top right of the window. This will take you straight to the workflow editor where you can configure your own fix and attach it to the insight.


  • History allows you to see the execution history of the fix

  • Configure fix allows you to make changes to the fix, opening the same modal that was present when you linked the fix initially