TotalCloud vs AWS Trusted Advisor


AWS’s Trusted Advisor

TotalCloud’s Insights

Multi-account & multi-region

When you login to your Trusted Advisor account, you can see checks for that particular one. There is an absence of a single-view of all your accounts.

View insights across all your regions & accounts, simultaneously in one platform.


Prices range between 3% - 10% of your monthly AWS bill, depending on usage

All our insights are free, across all accounts & regions irrespective of usage

Issue fixes

Provide recommendations that you have to manually act upon by navigating to the console

One-click fixes which automatically remediate the failed insights, right out of the TotalCloud platform.

You can also customize fixes, if the ones we’ve automated are not suitable.

New insights

Doesn’t allow you to add & configure additional insights you might want to track

The ability to add your own insights, which will be auto-checked periodically.

We’re also constantly creating & adding new checks to our repository.

Shareability & Integrations

Only resource deployment notifications are delivered via Email. Does not provide the ability to integrate Slack.

Share & present reports across your team through live URLs without providing access.

Get reports delivered in your Email or your Slack periodically, based on your needs.

You can also build your own integrations.


Supports best practice checks that indicate the failed & successful rules

Risk-prioritized view of every failed check, that’s based on severity, so that you know the most critical failures.


Limited to monitoring the performance of only your AWS accounts

Cloud-agnostic performance, security, cost & best practice monitoring