Insights allow you to gain complete visibility into the security, performance efficiency, and cost of your cloud infrastructure with a dashboard that shows risk-priority-based threats or failures. All insights can be adopted in a single-click, so you don’t even have to worry about which checks are apt for your cloud - we’ve done the homework for you. The report given to you from the Insights page can help you optimize your cloud management such that you are incurring lower bills and boosting resource performance. To understand how to use Insights efficiently, we’ll first take a look at what is offered by the service.


The Insights can be categorized based on what you are looking to improve upon. You will find several individual categories on the top of the page that will filter the workflows based on their specified operation.

The categories available are

  • AWS Best Practices


  • Cost Saving

  • Security

  • Operational Excellence

  • Other

  • Azure Operational Excellence

  • Azure Security

  • Azure CIS

  • ReliabilityCompliance

Insights Dashboard

The Insights dashboard shows you two things. Summary and Insights.

Summary shows the active cloud providers, the accounts you are running on them and the status of the resources you are using. You can switch the accounts for services to see the same data on specific services.

The Insights page show-

  • All the running workflows

  • their status

  • account and region they belong to.

  • the option to link a fix for failed insights