TotalCloud vs Terraform vs CloudFormation

Terraform & CloudFormation are infrastructure provisioning tools that help define & setup infrastructure, in the form of code. TotalCloud isn’t an alternative to either of the tools.

TotalCloud’s platform integrates with both these tools to augment their usage & help adhere to organizational processes through triggers and user approvals - you can create a workflow to deploy Terraform & CloudFormation stacks, which will spin up infrastructure based on your code.






Cloud Management

Infrastructure provisioning

Infrastructure provisioning

What does it do?

It’s a platform to automate the management of cloud infrastructure through workflows. It is not a direct competitor to Terraform or CloudFormation.

It’s a tool for building, changing and versioning infrastructure. Terraform provides infrastructure as a code to give you a blueprint of your datacenter.

It lets you define an execution plan to define the target state of your infrastructure and then deploys those changes

AWS CloudFormation allows you to use programming languages or a simple text file to model and provision infrastructure, to give you a single source of truth for your AWS.

Specific to model and automate AWS deployments.

Use Cases

  • Cloud security, performance efficiency & cost insights and monitoring

  • Backup Management

  • Reporting

  • Auto-remediation

  • Custom cloud management solutions

  • Heroku App Setup

  • Self-service Clusters

  • Multi-cloud deployments

  • Disposable environments

  • SDN

  • AWS Infrastructure setup & deployment

  • Infrastructure replication

  • Infrastructure change management


TotalCloud assists in simple deployments, like bringing up instances.

But we integrate with Terraform & CF to make deployment easier.

Helps in full-fledged cloud deployments based on your target infrastructure.

Helps in full-fledged AWS deployments based on your model infrastructure code.