Jira Ticket To Reboot Instance

Before starting with this guide, follow all steps given here

  1. Open a filter node, and select the input as data from the Resource Node. We will filter out only the EC2 instances that we've received from the Jira Ticket.

    • Select Tags as the filter type

    • Select condition as Has.

    • Enter $.<CustomNodeID>.data.InstanceTagKey as the Key and $.<CustomNodeID>.data.InstanceTagValue as Value.

      • Eg. Key: $.node-38d67602-custom.data.InstanceTagKey; Value: $.node-38d67602-custom.data.InstanceTagValue

    • Click Save

2. Add an Action Node. We will use this to perform the reboot instance action on the filtered nodes.

  • Choose the output of the filter node from the drop-down

  • Choose EC2 as service, and Reboot Instances as action

  • Click Save

Instances that have the same tag as those given in the Jira description will be rebooted