Managing Users

User Management on TotalCloud is not linked to IAM on AWS or access management provided by any other cloud provider. It utilises Okta to control viewing and usage of the TotalCloud web app

This can be used to limit the viewing permissions of the different users that have access to TotalCloud, allowing you granular control

How User Management Works

User Management on TotalCloud consists of three parts:

1. Account Configs

  • Account configs are created when you sync your cloud accounts to TotalCloud

  • These can have tags that limit the ability of that config to only access those resources that have the tag mentioned

2. Groups

  • Any number of account configs can be added to Groups

  • Think of these Groups as similar to Roles on AWS, which can be assigned to users

  • The account configs that are part of a Group specify which accounts that a User with that Group assigned to them can view

  • A User can be assigned any number of Groups

3. Users

  • Users are the members of your TotalCloud account

  • You can granularly allow them access to specific resources by assigning them Groups

User Management can be accessed in the Settings section of the TotalCloud app


Groups are sets of account configs that you can assign to users

Adding a new Group allows you to mention the Accounts that the specific user can access.

Eg. a Group called Admin could have access to all accounts, a group called 'India' could have access to all accounts that belong to the India team

  • Group Name - the name of the Group

  • Member Count - the number of Users who are assigned to that Group

  • Accounts - the Account configs that are a part of that Group

You can also Edit the accounts in the Group, or Delete it


Users are the different entities who have access to the TotalCloud account

Only the Account Owner can view the list of all users, or add and remove them

Invite User allows you to add a new user from within your domain to TotalCloud

You can enter the User email, name, and the Groups that will be assigned to that User

Eg. You can create and assign the Group 'Testing' to a new user that you want to access only the Testing cloud accounts

Only users with the same domain can be invited

Eg. If the domain for the Admin is, then only users with the domain can be added as users

Also, users with the domain cannot directly sign up on TotalCloud, they have to be invited through the User Management portal

Once a user is invited, they will receive an invite from Okta on their email

  • Using the link provided, they can set their password

  • This password, and the email ID to which it was sent can be used to login to TotalCloud

Disable allows you to remove added users from accessing TotalCloud

Edit the Groups assigned to Users by clicking the edit icon

Status shows the present status of all Users. Only those that have set up their account with a new password will show as Active.