Integrating Slack

Integrating Slack with TotalCloud allows you to get notifications, reports and user approvals for your workflows straight to your preferred channel

Configuring Slack WebHook

  1. Go to https://<YourWorkspaceName> and search for 'Incoming WebHooks'

  2. Select the Incoming WebHooks app, and click Add To Slack.

  3. Choose the channel you want to post to, and click Add Incoming WebHooks Configuration

4. Copy the WebHook URL displayed

Adding WebHook in TotalCloud

  1. Login to the TotalCloud WebApp

  2. Go to Accounts --> Slack --> Sync Account

3. Paste the WebHook URL copied from Slack

  • Select User/Channel depending on the selection made on Slack, and enter its name in Channel or User Name.

  • Enter as Account Name how you want the name to appear on TotalCloud, and click Save.

4. You will receive code on the User/Channel, and confirm if it matches the Reference Code. Click Save if they match.

5. Your Slack Account has been configured to TotalCloud.