Enabling Alarms & Events

You can have workflows listen to alarms & events that are generated by AWS. To enable this feature, alarms & events need to be enabled for regions. You can do this in the 'Accounts' section.

Navigate to Accounts >> Events and click on 'Configure' on the account that you want to enable alarm & events for.

Set Feature State to 'Enabled' and select the regions for which alarms & events need to be enabled.

Click on 'Save'. This saves the configuration.

It should be noted that if you have more than one synced accounts that point to the same AWS cloud, you will only be able to enable the Event trigger feature in one.

After enabling event & alarms for a region, AWS EventBridge needs to be configured for TotalCloud to be able to listen to events and alarms. For this, you just need to adopt and run a template called 'Push Events to Totalcloud'. This template is available in the 'Templates' page of the TotalCloud app. Simply search for 'Push Events' and you'll find the template.

'Push Events to Totalcloud' is a single run workflow. If you try to run the workflow more than once, the execution will fail. This is normal and nothing needs to be done.