The Workflows tab provides you with an overview of all workflows that were created or adopted by you

  1. Result shows you the output of the latest execution of the workflow

  2. Past Executions shows the result of previous executions

    1. Green - Successfully executed

    2. Black - Result pending

    3. Red - Error

  3. You can also search, filter, sort and refresh the workflows

  4. Clicking options for a workflow allows you to:

    1. Edit the workflow in The Editor

    2. Clone the workflow in another AWS Region and Account

    3. View the Execution Details of the workflow

    4. View the IAM Policy required to run it

    5. Execute the workflow right now

    6. Delete the workflow

    7. Stage/Deploy the workflow. Staging means the workflow is inactive. Deploying the workflow causes it to be executed according to the Trigger Node.

  5. Send this as report allows you to receive the output of all workflows by Email or Slack