Gain an overview on the Utilisation of resources across a variety of services in your AWS account

  1. Provide the permissions shown when clicking on the validation message

2. Add these as inline policies to the Role/User used to sync to TotalCloud

3. Click "Yes" in the adoption message, and choose the Account and Region to adopt the Utilisation tracking

In case you receive a Validation Failed error, provide the permissions required to gain the Utilisation data

Do this by clicking on Recommended Policies, copying the displayed policy to clipboard, and then adding them as Inline Policies to the Role/User. More on how to validate policies here.

3. Resource Utilisation that has returned data will show a report as summary.

4. Click on specific resource to show in-depth usage data

4. You can also send all your Resource Utilisation data as a combined report to email/Slack. This can be done by clicking Send this as report on the top right.