Logging Failed Insights And Fix Details On JIRA

Tickets Created

TotalCloud allows you to log the details of all failed Insights on JIRA, in real-time

  • This means that every time an Insight fails, the details of resources that failed the check, are logged into a JIRA ticket

Ticket created when an Insight check fails

  • When the issue is fixed using the attached Fix workflow, the ticket will be closed, and a comment will be added with the details of the fixed resources

Ticket created when a failed Insight check is fixed

Setting Up The Automated JIRA Logging

  1. Adopt the Insights for your account. More on how to do that here

  2. Go to Templates, and search for Create Jira ticket for failed insights

  3. Customise the template, to open it in the Editor

4. The workflow is already set up to work, only the JIRA details need to be edited in the Variables section


  • Region

    • This will be auto-filled, and same as the region in which the workflow is running

  • jiraURL

    • This is the URL of your board, used to create the ticket

    • It is of the format <JIRA_board_URL>/rest/api/2/issue/

    • Eg. https://totalcloud-test.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/issue/

  • authorization

    • This is Basic Authorization_Key

    • To get your Authorization Key

      • First, create a JIRA API Token - find out how to do that here

      • Complete the authentication on the token by completing the steps shown here

      • Eg. Basic YW50b255QHRvdGFsY2xvdWQuaW86aDM3VzRrYms1MHF2eUUyemVNb3lCQUND

      • (this is a demo auth token and does not work)

  • projectKey

    • This is the Project Key, and can be found in the all projects view


After entering the details in the Variables section, click Save

Save, and then deploy the workflow

Now every time your Insights run, tickets will be created on JIRA for the failed Insights. When they are fixed, the details will be commented on the same ticket, and the ticket will be closed.