Commonly Faced Issues

How do I sync my AWS Account?

You can sync your AWS Account using a Role or Key, in the Accounts tab of the WebApp.

Depending on which you choose, ensure you provide the IAM::GetRole or IAM::GetUser permission to the Role/User you use for TotalCloud. This will ensure that we can verify the names entered by you, and provide a seemless experience.

Why does my Schedule/Workflow say validation failed (on the top right)?

Ensure that you have provided the permissions required to run them. Click the Policies icon to view the Required and Recommended Policies. Add both of them as inline policies to your Role/User and you're good to go.

Check out a step-by-step guide on how to validate the policies.

Why do I get a 'Trigger Node Has Invalid Data' error, when I run my workflow?

The Trigger Node is disabled by default. Before you run the workflow, ensure that you enable either a Schedule, Alarm or HTTP Trigger.