What Is TotalCloud?

TotalCloud is a componentized cloud management platform that is abstracting the cloud management layer with a no-code workflow-based engine. Cloud management is currently chaotic, there is no standardized method or structure that’s available, which is why cloud users end up depending on scripts.

We’ve built out a workflow engine that enables you to simply draw out your use case in a white-board format. There’s no limit to the customization & complexity that’s achievable - from auto-remediation to automated deployments to cross-cloud solutions (in addition to the basics of cloud management). By eliminating the need to script or depend on siloed solutions, TotalCloud helps produce customized cloud solutions in minutes.

DevOps teams can express any cloud use cases - whether it’s automated schedules to perform any cloud action, cloud visibility checks & fixes, utilization reports, event-based remediation or even complex custom solutions in an intuitive & quick manner. We aim to democratize cloud management. By automating the various essential tasks that come with maintaining an infrastructure, you can cut down on management overhead, cost wastage, and manpower.

No-Code Cloud Management

Traditionally, cloud management is solved through scripting (or depending on a few siloed tools). Whenever there’s a slightly out-of-the-ordinary requirement, you’ve to resort to scripts. Totalcloud intends to reduce the management efforts by nearly eliminating scripting requirements. Scripting is never limited to just writing a piece of code. It involves iterations of testing, debugging, and adding further code. Such a model of management wastes time, effort, and money. TotalCloud’s workflows have automation built-in to the process. Any use case you have can be created by selecting a series of nodes or steps that define the use case. It harnesses a drag-and-drop model.

What Are Workflows?

A workflow is a collection of sequentially placed nodes that perform a particular set of actions on your cloud service. For example, Rebooting instances, scheduled shutdowns, etc. We create a workflow by combining a bunch of building blocks called ‘nodes’. Each node performs a particular role in your workflow. These building blocks together can perform simple or complex use cases and all it takes is a few extra nodes.

Starting Out

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After Signing Up

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Almost Deployed?

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