Everything You Can Do with TotalCloud

Here's everything you can solve with TotalCloud

Our pre-built modules

We've already created ready-to-adopt cloud management modules for your most common needs.

  • Resource Scheduling allows you to set up automated schedules to start and stop resources outside usage hours. Use the Smart Scheduling feature to shut them down in real-time, based on metrics defined by you.

  • Insights on your entire cloud infrastructure ensure that you can optimise cloud security and cost optimisation.

  • Inventory Management assists you in understanding all your available resources running across your aws accounts.

  • Utilization Reports provides metrics on utilisation of resources so you can decide your future parking or rightsizing opportunities.

  • Auto-remediation workflows can fix any anomaly, can be triggered from Insights, ticketing software and AWS alarms. Workflows are drag-and-drop collections of nodes (basic logical building blocks).

Our 400+ templates

In addition to the basic cloud management functions, we’ve created no-code templates to deploy a 3-tier application in minutes, to provision containers, to automate ASGs, to archive compressed S3 data to Glacier automatically, and other such complex use cases. Since it’s just a matter of assembling workflows, we deal with a go-to-market time of minutes, or hours.

See all our templates: the Usecase Universe

Our custom workflows and solutions

In addition to everything that's available, you can build your own workflows, from scratch. Creating a workflow is a fully no-code process, with complete customization at every step. Any simple, complex, or unique workflow can be created on our Workflow Editor, with a drag-and-drop model.

We serve your multi-cloud needs

At TotalCloud, we’ve been enabling workflow-based cloud management for AWS to make it intuitive, accelerated, and no-code for a while. Instead of programming cloud management use cases or depending on siloed solutions, we built out a platform that gives you building blocks to assemble any cloud management solution. With cloud infrastructure becoming more complex, layered, and multi-cloud - we’ve now extended the workflow capability to Azure, VMware, and Private Cloud.

Our automation engine equips you with an easy-to-use interface - so that you can assemble workflows to achieve any Azure/VMware/Private Cloud use case, without the need to script. We have created exclusive nodes for the different clouds - Azure Resource & Action Nodes, VMware Resource & Action nodes, SSH & Network Nodes, etc - which will enable you to perform any cloud management action on any cloud resource that you might have in mind