What Is TotalCloud?

TotalCloud simplifies AWS for you. Automate your cloud management activities through simple workflows, and achieve any use case - security, backups, scheduling, auto-remediation, monitoring and reporting.

  • Resource Scheduling allows you to set up automated schedules to start and stop resources outside usage hours. Use the Smart Scheduling feature to shut them down in real-time, based on metrics defined by you.

  • Insights on your entire cloud infrastructure ensure that you can optimise cloud security and cost optimisation

  • Auto-remediation workflows can fix any anomaly, can be triggered from Insights, ticketing software and AWS alarms. Workflows are drag-and-drop collections of nodes (basic logical building blocks).

  • Custom Workflows can be created from scratch or using templates, to suit all your needs.

Starting Out

Find out how to sign up, sync AWS using a Role or Key, and integrate Slack and SNS

After Signing Up

Try out Resource Scheduling, adopting templates or creating your own workflow from scratch

Almost Deployed?

Ensure you've validated your policies and saved the workflow

Anything else?

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